Dental Trauma

Dental Trauma Guide for Everybody

What to do when you knock out an adult tooth.

Knocked out toothIf your tooth gets knocked out, first and foremost, don’t panic! Usually, there’s still plenty of time to save it. Just act quickly and competently.
Follow the steps below for the best chances of preserving your smile!

Step 1: Find that tooth!

Chances are that you noticed your tooth falling out right away, so take the time to do a thorough search of the area. Enlist other people in your search! Friends, strangers, whatever it takes!

Step 2: Pick up the tooth

Knocked Out ToothWhen you find the tooth, pick it up ONLY by the CROWN. (That’s the part of the tooth that you see in the mirror when you smile!) Do NOT touch the root of the tooth, as it can be easily damaged.

Step 3: Clean the tooth

If the root of the tooth looks dirty, rinse it off using Hank’s Balanced Salt Solution. It’s proven to be the best, hands down! If you don’t have any, alternatives are any saline solution or milk (low-fat milk is best, but any milk will do). Do NOT use water, as this can damage the tooth.

Step 4: Replace the tooth

Dental traumaTry to put your tooth back in its socket. If you’re able to get it back in, hold the tooth in place with gauze or a clean washcloth until you can get to your dentist.

Step 5: Keep the tooth moist

It’s extremely important to do this! If you are having a hard time getting the tooth to stay in its socket, you can keep it soaking in Hank’s Balanced Salt Solution, sterile saline solution, or milk (see Step 3).

Step 6: Act quickly

Remember that TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE! The chances of saving your tooth are much greater if you can get the tooth back in the socket within ONE hour of it being avulsed.

Step 7: Call your dentist right away

knocked out toothDon’t go to the emergency room—instead, get to a dentist as soon as possible. And don’t forget to bring your tooth! The treatment you receive will depend on how long your tooth has been out of its socket and how it was stored. It’s possible that your dentist might begin root canal therapy immediately.
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