Invisalign Treatment

Who Is a Good Candidate for Invisalign Treatment?

Invisalign treatment is a great way to discreetly straighten your teeth, but not everyone is a good candidate. This kind of treatment is right for Raleigh, NC residents with great dental health habits. It’s important to have a willingness to follow instructions and stay the course of the treatment.

Signs You’re a Good Candidate for Invisalign Treatment in Raleigh, NC

Great Dental Health

A good candidate for clear aligners will have healthy gums and teeth. If a person needs some cavities filled or has early signs of gum disease, those issues usually need treatment first.

Wearing the aligners when you have dental health issues can make the problem worse. It can also increase the risk of bacterial infection. Typically if these issues are found, a dentist will recommend coming back to consider alignment treatment once health has improved.

Consistent Dental Habits

A good candidate will already have strong dental cleaning habits in place. You are someone who flosses daily, never misses a brushing, and goes in for regular cleanings. These habits will be essential when the aligners are in place, so already having them set is a good sign.

Committed To Following Instructions

A good candidate for clear aligners accepts and welcomes a very structured treatment plan. Clear aligner treatment plans often involve fewer trips to the office than metal braces. A lot of the work can be done on your own at home.

Busy adults love this, and it’s one of the reasons many choose clear aligners. However, if you aren’t great at following a structured plan on your own, it can mean the aligners don’t work. For example, clear aligners work best when they are worn for at least 22 hours every day. It’s also important to maintain good dental hygiene habits and add in ones, like thoroughly cleaning the aligners.

You Don’t Have Implants or Bridges

Dental implants are fixed into the jawbone, so their alignment shouldn’t be changed. Similarly, bridges should stay where they are. Previous dental work like cavities, crowns, and veneers work well with clear aligners. Patients with dental implants or bridges will need to talk to their dentist to find out if there is a way to work around this issue.

Prefers Discreet Treatment

A good candidate for clear aligners often chooses this plan because it’s the most discreet option. If you hate the idea of people seeing metal braces on your teeth, this is your best bet.


Good candidates for clear aligners are teenagers, adults, or older adults. Anyone who still has baby teeth will want to talk to their dentist about their options. It’s often too early to do any alignment treatment at this stage.

Mild to Moderate Misalignment

Major alignment issues with the jaw typically require another treatment plan. Clear aligners are meant for people with mild to moderate misalignment. This includes crooked teeth, gaps, crowding, and some mild cases of bite issues. If you’re unsure about your misalignment the best option is to consult your dentist. ‚Äč

Clear aligners are a really popular choice in Raleigh. They offer an easy way to get the smile you’ve always wanted without wearing metal braces. Now is a great time to take the first step toward discovering if Invisalign treatment is the right option for you. Contact us at the office of Rebecca E. Reeves DMD, PA to schedule your initial consultation.

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